Showered With Love and Books! Part 1

So, I am, as Coco says, a “literary nut.” I love books, and I had tried to incorporate them into the wedding, but wistfully decided against the book theme. I guess that didn’t go unnoticed by my wonderful MOH Wino, because she planned a beautiful, fun, book-tastic bridal shower for me held at my parents’ house! I had such fun and felt so loved that my friends and family made time to go out to my house in the boonies, and celebrate our impending nuptials. I asked Coco to be the photographer for this event, and I am so glad I did. It allowed everyone to have a good time, and no one had to think about grabbing their camera for a funny moment (except Coco, of course). And I have so many great images that I grouped them together in grids so that this post will load before your bedtime.

All images are courtesy of Coco McKown Photography.

I was greeted by fabulous decor. Look at that wreath, and the bunting! The suitcase held everyone’s favorite novels for the White Elephant Book Exchange. I brought four books unwrapped (oops!) which Bestie D kindly wrapped for me.

This was only a meager sampling of the food and drinks. My mother has no idea what a small plate menu means. She was late because she brought my favorite fried chicken, beef curry, biryani, salad, and homemade egg rolls that my aunt made. I had to forgive her for that. My three older sisters provided pastries from favorite spots around the San Fernando Valley. And my aunts brought homemade samosas and meat patties. All this food was descended upon without a picture. Everyone got a take-home box for dinner. Seriously. All the drinks were provided by FMIL. The watermelon mojito was deelish! As was the champagne!

The games were set up by my fab bridesmaids, BM Sis, BM KK, and BM Pow. We weren’t allowed to say the words: wedding, bride, and E’s name. If we did, then our stickers were taken away, and the winner was the person with the most stickers at the end of the day. I totally lost, multiple times. We played Pass the Bouquet, a variation of Hot Potato. I had to guess everyone’s celebrity husband. Some of those girls stumped me! But kudos to Bestie D for choosing ScarJo, and giving me a freebie! And we played a game where we had to use a spoon to move cotton balls from one basket to the other, blindfolded. This game was filled with cheating, but was hilarious.

And of course, there was the book exchange, which got a little heated. But I have to tell you, I was so happy to see so many of my favorite books going to so many of my favorite people. It was fun to see the repeat titles: The Poisonwood Bible (my favorite!), The Secret Life of Bees, and The Namesake. All three of which, I also brought. Seriously, you guys, sharing books is probably my favorite thing to do. And every person in the room was someone I had shared a book with before, so it seemed only appropriate, and was absolutely my favorite part of the day. I even ended up with a book I haven’t read! I can’t wait to dig into it! And everyone got to take home their books in these great book bags that Bestie D made.

“I like big books and I cannot lie.”

Have you ever planned a bridal shower? What games did you play? Did you have a specific theme, or was the bride the theme?

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