Color Me Confused

When I first started planning the June wedding, I was totally enamored with color. Purple and yellow were really in. And magenta has always been my favorite color. E and I had first thought that we were getting married in the fall, so a magenta/gray wedding seemed perfect to me.

When we moved to June, I thought the colors were a little too dark for summer, and I was feeling that E was feeling uncomfortable with my color choice, so I went brighter: purples and yellows! It was being fed to me in every direction by wedding blog land, so I thought I would give it a try.

inspiration board via Snippet and Ink

But as I got into planning, I didn’t feel very comfortable with the “fun” of the colors. I thought they were out there for mine and E’s personality, and the inspiration photos I was finding were discouraging and not exciting. FMIL Genie asked me some questions to help figure out what I wanted.

FMIL: “What words do you think of when you think of how you want your wedding to be?” My answer: “Classic. Elegant. Simple.”

FMIL: “OK, what do you see when you think of those words?”

My answer: “Black and white.”

Done and done. I couldn’t believe how right it felt at that moment. I was excited. I wanted to start looking at boards and blogs right away. And when I told E, he loved the idea. We are pretty traditional people. We are also pretty formal (not to be confused with boring). I was trying to fit our wedding into trendy blog land when all I wanted was a classic event.

inspiration board source

Did your wedding go through a color evolution? Were you able to find the right fit for you?

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