Genies, You Just Got Married (Again)! What’s the First Thing You’re Going to Do?

We’re going to Disneyland!

The Genie wedding party didn’t end right away. I know. I admit that wedding festivities in Genie-verse lasted longer than most people’s weddings. But I just couldn’t resist a trip to Disneyland when asked by my cousins!


Just chillin’ in Minnie Mouse’s bedroom

My cousins, A and E, both wanted to go to Disneyland as they both had not been since they were young kids. After spending so much time with so many people, I was kind of excited at the prospect of having one on one time with my cousins, who traveled far to be with us, and who I hadn’t been able to talk to much. We got especially lucky, because Mr. Genie got in free as a wedding present from Disneyland! It was awesome.


We were able to decompress, talk, and just have fun! It was especially nice for me to be able to share something I really enjoy with my cousins.


Somehow, we hit the jackpot with a not too crowded day, hit all the rides we wanted to, visited Minnie and Mickey, and got home in time for dinner with most of my cousins. We were missing four cousins, but this was the most complete we had ever been in our whole lives! It was the perfect day and a great way for Mr. Genie to get to know more of my family in a less formal setting.


And thus concluded our Bengali wedding weekend.

Did you get a chance to have some one-on-one time with wedding guests during or after the wedding? What were your post-wedding festivities?


I Dream of Genies: The Night Ends

Some weddings end with a spectacular exit that involves sparklers or a special private dance or something that signifies the end of the night. Our wasn’t so clear or eventful as people started to say their goodbyes for their long drives home, and the cake was obliterated and the centerpieces started disappearing. And there were still a few dancers and photo booth occupants, but we called it a night with a dance to “We Are Family.” Our DJ and Photo booth reps gifted us with a guest book scrap book from all the photo booth shots! It was unexpected and very nice (and free!).

And then, Mr. Genie and I just wandered out. There wasn’t much to be said about that. It was kind of nice to not be concerned with all the little details of cleaning up, and to remember the room as it had been, alive and full of people who loved us. We got home and took a selfie, because, why not?


And then, I started to disassemble myself and clean up.


I spy the bees! I was ready for some rest because we still had a big day planned ahead of us…at Disneyland!

Did you have a grand exit? Or did the night just kind of end naturally? Was it what you expected?


I Dream of Genies: Bengalis Love a Photo Booth

With so many people at the wedding, and not a whole program going on, I thought a photo booth would be appropriate for this event as well. It was such a huge success at our first wedding, and I’m happy to say it was well-received here, too. I also found our photo booth company through Amazon local deals, and was able to negotiate with them to not go through Amazon and include DJ services.

The photo booth printed two strips that looked like this:


We also received a DVD with all the photo strips and the individual shots. We didn’t add a scrapbook to our package, but Chris from Creative DJ’s brought all the supplies anyway and surprised us with the guest book pages at the end of the night. Here are some of my favorites.

IMG_0015 IMG_0019 IMG_0049Todd and Coco had a chance to play around in the photo booth, too!

IMG_0124 IMG_0136 IMG_0100 IMG_0169My four older nieces and nephew were enamored with the photo booth! I’m really glad I have a ton of pictures of them goofing off, and plenty of blackmail for later in life, hehe.

IMG_0195I’m not sure what’s happening here.

IMG_0399Or here.

IMG_0413What little divas! And fast friends! These two became friends at the gaye holud and were inseparable by Saturday. And of course, Mr. Genie and I had our turn in the photo booth.

IMG_0264I think I could have a photo booth at every party I ever throw. It’s just so much fun!

Are you planning for a photo booth?

All photos provided by Creative DJs


I Dream of Genies: Just Dance

At some point, I needed to get moving! I love to dance at weddings, and no heavy sari was going to stop me from dancing at this one. And everyone got into the dancing spirit! The music was a mix of top 40 and Bollywood hits. It was time to let loose and party! I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking here.

EABengali-586 EABengali-589 EABengali-591 EABengali-618 EABengali-626 EABengali-660 EABengali-672 EABengali-674 EABengali-629 EABengali-680 EABengali-704 EABengali-715 EABengali-717 EABengali-725


Honestly, it was all too much fun! Did you have a dance party at your wedding?

All photos by Coco McKown Photography


I Dream of Genies: Let’s Eat Cake!

We made it through lots of pictures and even got to eat delicious food, and then it was time for cake!


It was really hard to cut into this beautiful cake.

cake cutting

Note to fellow bees: Someone was brilliant, and pulled apart the ribbon on the the bottom layer, so we wouldn’t have to cut through it. It made cake cutting so much easier! The flavor was white cake with strawberries and cream, my favorite!


It is a Bengali tradition that family members feed the celebrants cake as well for good luck. This applies to birthdays also. To save time, we limited this to immediate family. But you know, we didn’t have forks until three people into it. Oops.

family cake

Daddy Genie and FIL Genie both said a few words for toasts.

dad speeches

And since we had previous experience with linking arms for a toast, Mr. Genie knew exactly how to help me with it. It was even more essential this time than the last, since I couldn’t really lift my arms up!

EABengali-460With all the traditions out of the way, I was ready to get on the dance floor!

All photos by Coco McKown Photography


I Dream of Genies: Family Pictures

My uncle did a short welcome and everyone was able to start dinner. Except for us. During dinner, Mr. Genie and I had a receiving line of sorts, where everyone came up to the stage for family pictures. This was a majority of the evening for us, but I’m glad for all the groupings we got, and that we got to talk to everyone a little bit.


I love that Mr. Genie’s family got all dressed up for the occasion! MIL-Genie got lots of compliments on her sari, and I found BIL A’s punjabi in Little India for a good deal.


We managed to get my parents into a few photos even though they were running around all night!


My cousins brightened up the mood and broke up all the standard poses.


This one makes me tear up. Coco and todd got a lot of nice shots of my grandpa and me, but this is my favorite!


My sisters all looked beautiful!


I love this picture of my cousins on my dad’s side because we rarely get to be together all at once!


My nieces and nephews just steal the spotlight.


My best friends all got into the spirit of a Bengali wedding, and wore saris. They all looked lovely, and I was so happy they could make it to both celebrations!

Did you do a receiving line with pictures? Are you planning to?

All photos by Coco McKown Photography


I Dream of Genies: The Entrance

After our couple portraits, it was time to go in to the main hall for the reception dinner. To try to keep with some tradition, we each entered with cousins and siblings. In Bengali culture, cousins are raised as siblings, so there’s little distinction between the two. My sisters helped me touch up before the grand entrance. EABengali-220 EABengali-222


Mr. Genie and the guys entered first. The music chosen was traditional tabla and harmonium music from Bangladesh.

EABengali-229 EABengali-230

Then it was the ladies’ turn.

EABengali-234 EABengali-236


The first thought I had was, “Don’t trip.” The second was, “There are so many people here!” And then, I made it to the couch at the front with Mr. Genie.



And the festivities were officially under way.

All photos by Coco McKown Photography